Roly-poly toy "Seal mother"

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Roly-poly toy "Seal mother". Traditional Russian toy

Nevalyashka literally means a steady thing. Nevalyashka is a colourful round-bottomed doll that tends to keep upright position when pushed at an angle. Traditionally the doll is associated with the Soviet Russia childhood because it was often a first toy which a soviet child was given.

The Baikal seal is a unique species that inhabits only Lake Baikal. This creature is one of the smallest true seals and the only exclusively freshwater pinniped species. Nobody knows for sure how these seals came to live there. The Baikal seal is thought to have swum from the ocean which was linked to Baikal in the past. This cute, smart, playful animal is a symbol of Russia and Siberia particularly. Unfortunately, the Baikal seal is on the list of endangered species.

Height 14.5 cm, diameter 10 cm

Производитель: Мастерская «Берестяная грамота»
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