Roly-poly toy "Bear 6"

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Roly-poly toy "Bear 6". Traditional Russian toy

Nevalyashka literally means a steady thing. Nevalyashka is a colourful round-bottomed doll that tends to keep upright position when pushed at an angle. Traditionally the doll is associated with the Soviet Russia childhood because it was often a first toy which a soviet child was given.

The bear is a wild, powerful and huge animal, traditionally associated with the Russian culture. Wherever you travel around the country, you find tons of souvenirs related to bears. Russians consider the bear a big, brutal and fearless animal. However, in some fairytales and cartoons bears are depicted as kind-hearted, loving creatures that are eager to help people.

Height 13 cm, diameter 8.5 cm

Производитель: Мастерская «Берестяная грамота»
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